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Desalination & Power

Through our associate company, SIDEM of France, the group has participated in the supply of desalinated water for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi with numerous seawater desalination plants – in Umm Al Nar, Al Taweelah A’, Al Mirfa, Jabel Dhana, Al Sila & Delma Islands – utilizing Thermal Desalination methods to raise the output production of fresh water.

About 40% of the desalinated water is provided by us.

Several desalination units have been supplied to the oil & gas sector at various on and offshore remote locations. SIDEM has made a breakthrough in desalination technology by developing Multi Effect Desalination (MED) with larger capacities.

Our associate company, Pauwels International of Belgium, has also supplied a wide range of power and distribution transformers to the water and electricity sectors. We have also, with the help of associate company NKF of the Netherlands, supplied various kinds of cables to the power and distribution sectors.