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Auto Leasing & Rental

In any service industry, experience counts; and the Arabian Fleet Services with over 15 years of multinational experience under its belt, is on a constant mission to better their service offering.

A management team is therefore in force to ensure comprehensive customer satisfaction, staff training, and a think tank to look at ways and means of surpassing customer expectations.

Training begins with the impeccably uniformed chauffeurs who are taught the nuances of superlative customer service. Other value added services are drivers being available round the clock, bespoke leasing programs for long-term customers, special loyalty privileges and prices to those who believe in brand loyalty; and finally satisfying both business and leisure needs of the customers as part of the fleet deliverables.

A well-maintained fleet is pivotal to the success of the business unit, hence keeping the vehicles in perfect roadworthy condition at all times is non-negotiable to the company. With regard to the wide range of vehicles available as part of the fleet, the customers are spoilt for choice with saloons, sports vehicles, estates, luxury segments of automobiles, SUV’s mini vans and mini buses to choose from.

Special custom made monthly and yearly leases cater to very specific and precise customer needs. The objective behind the entire exercise is to ensure a drive becomes a source of relaxation and joy to the customer who has opted for our service.

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