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Defence & Security

The defence business has been a vertical of immense growth for ABG. As a reliable, established supplier of a range of high-quality military products and supplies. Our expertise has led to great interest in several Middle East clients. This division acts as a regional consultant, covering GCC countries for military product supplies. It is currently involved in a number of projects related to the offset program where defence suppliers are required to discharge their obligations for supplying military hardware in Abu Dhabi.

The UAE army has been one of ABG’s main clients. We are honored to have played a key role in the development of world’s largest 8×8 on -road/off -road Tank Transporter, along with the heaviest 8×8 Recovery Vehicle. Both were developed as an outcome of a blend of Western dynamic components and Eastern advanced heavy automotive engineering featuring a unique chassis design, axles and independent suspension.


Al Badie Group provides cutting-edge solutions in the challenging industry of Defence and Security. Our expertise as a dependable, established supplier of a wide range of high-quality military items and supplies has piqued the interest of various Middle Eastern clients. This section serves as a regional consultant for military product suppliers in the GCC countries. It is now involved in a number of initiatives related to the offset program, in which defence suppliers must fulfill their commitments to delivering military gear in Abu Dhabi.

One of Al Badie’s primary clients has been the UAE army. We are proud to have played a vital part in the development of the world’s largest 8-tonne on-road/off-road Tank Transporter and the heaviest 8-tonne Recovery Vehicle. Both were created using a combination of Western dynamic components and Eastern advanced heavy automobile engineering, and they include a unique chassis design, axles, and independent suspension.

Our mission-driven approach tailors solutions to the specific needs of each customer. The Al Badie Group’s Defence and Security systems stress interoperability, with a wide range of sensor alternatives and shared operating systems, logistics, and training resources.

Maximizing Defence and Security through Operational Efficiency

We are at the cutting edge of defence & security, providing great assistance to air, land, naval, and joint forces, with an unmatched breadth of capabilities. Through cutting-edge defense technologies, our major goal is to expedite and synchronize joint operations. We improve mission efficiency and optimize our customers’ investments by specializing in interoperable systems. Our customers benefit from seamless connections with other systems throughout decision-making processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Al Badie Defence and Security is committed to providing comprehensive army force security solutions. We offer a variety of services to improve security, expedite operations, and safeguard our clients' safety. Our knowledge spans multiple domains, with an emphasis on protecting key interests

Information security enables Defence and its industry partners to safely transmit information, establishing a clear understanding of confidentiality requirements and consistent application of protective security mechanisms. Security is an important aspect of defense and security since it protects nations and their interests

The mission of Al Badie Defence is to ensure the safety and security of nations. We are dedicated to offering cutting-edge solutions and services that improve national security, defense, and security capacities, thereby preserving peace and safety in a fast changing global scene