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Over the years UAE has been well on the road to rising real estate developments, some of them truly iconic and cynosure of the world’s eye. In this constantly upward growth of communities and buildings, the Al Badie Group (ABG) has played a pioneering role. Be it on its own merits or sharing the credits with other major developers in the country such as Sorouh, Aldar and Al Qudra, ABG’s success story in property development is an inspiring one.

The Al Badie Towers, for instance, is an impressive 18-storey building with 66 three-bedroom apartments, offices and showrooms. The Beach Towers project on Al Reem Island with its twin towers houses around 400 apartments, many of these offering panoramic sea-views. The tremendous success of this project lies in the fact that the property was entirely sold out, even before the tender was released, such is the investors’ faith in the Al Badie Group.

Not resting on past laurels, but wanting to be on the path to continued success, ABG in 2008 signed an agreement with MIRVAC International Investment Ltd, resulting in the formation of 2 joint venture companies that were to focus on large-scale, premier projects and hotel management.

It is important to note that MIRVAC is an Australian Public Company that is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange within the Listed Property Trust (LPT) Index. While on a strategic global expansion plan, MIRVAC identified UAE and Al Badie Group as partners in progress to establish business ties and make a mark in the hospitality and residential segments of business.

The current total value of ABG Group’s property development projects total an impressive USD 800 million and growing!


Property developers in Abu Dhabi play a role in the UAE property development market that goes beyond standard real estate development. Many of these businesses have become legendary brands, widely known, and even household names.

Property development has served a significant role in Abu Dhabi’s spectacular change over the last two decades. These firms not only built the city’s renowned towers but also created its residential neighborhoods and tourism sites.

Abu Dhabi has about 100 active property developers, ranging from small family firms to huge multinational corporations with global projects. This review focuses on some of the industry’s leading developers, including Real Estate Development Companies in the UAE

Property Development – Elevating Luxury Living with Al Badie Group

Step into a world of exceptional elegance and refinement, where your ideal living place becomes a reality. We take pride in leading the way and creating distinctive and memorable structures that redefine modern life at Al Badie. Whether you are looking for flats or villas for rent in Abu Dhabi, our property developers in UAE have you covered.

Our dedication to quality in all aspects of our organization ensures an extraordinary way of life. Come discover the luxury that defines our world and let us help you choose your perfect home. As famous property developers in the UAE, we are proudly partnering with the Abu Dhabi investment company to set new benchmarks in real estate development companies in the UAE

Frequently Asked Questions

For its renowned history in property development, Al Badie Group distinguishes out among Property Developers in UAE. With decades of expertise, their dedication to excellence, innovation, and a broad project portfolio distinguishes them as one of the UAE's leading Real Estate Development Companies

Investing in real estate in the UAE can be quite beneficial. With plenty of well-known Property Developers and Real Estate Development Companies in the UAE, the industry provides a wide range of opportunities. Strong demand, a stable economy, and constant expansion make real estate a profitable enterprise in the region

Choosing a property developer in the UAE demands serious thought. Begin by researching their past performance and reputation. Examine their portfolio and evaluate the quality of their previous initiatives. Look for testimonials and reviews that connect with your mission and beliefs. Finally, select a developer with a proven track record and common goals for your property development project

Yes, In the UAE, property developers often oversee both residential and commercial developments. These Real Estate Development Companies in the UAE frequently have diversified portfolios, ensuring they cater to a wide range of industries. Their experience ranges from building residential communities to designing commercial spaces, and they offer an extensive range of property development services

Al Badie serves as the premier Abu Dhabi investment company by upholding a clear sense of direction guided by well-defined objectives. This consistent attitude enables long-term growth that is impervious to the volatile oscillations of the commercial landscape. its dedication to stability and strategic vision has cemented its position as a reliable and forward-thinking investment company, making it the chosen choice for those looking for dependability and success in the Abu Dhabi investment scene