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Tank Transporter

Al Badie Group is honored to refer to the grand success in developing the ever largest 8×8 on-road/off-road Tank Transporter in the world today.

The VOLAT 8×8 Tanks Transporter is unique in its design and is empowered with a (796 HP) Engine-Power Pack Combination. It consists of MZKT -74135 Heavy-Duty all wheel-drive 8×8 Tractor Head, MZKT-99942 on-road/off-road (70 ton) Semi-Trailer and MZKT- 83721 on-road (60 ton) Trailer which has fully complied with the UAE GHQ Armed Forces requirements. It is classified as one of the heaviest in the world.

It was developed and designed for the transportation of two (2) LECLERC main battle Tanks or one (1) LECLERC main battle Tank + two (2) BMP-3/UAE Land Forces version Tanks in the worst ambient weather conditions of 55 degrees C and 100 % relative humidity and offering a maximum speed varying between 60/82 Km/hr.

Following are the main characteristics
  • High engine power output: MERCEDES-BENZ OM 444 LA) – 585 kW (796 H.P).
  • ALLISON automatic transmission : M 6610 AR.
  • High Tractor Head tires traction weight (about 40% of the G.C.W ).
  • 8×8 wheel drive.
  • MICHELIN 23,5R25 XLB TL 188E (Tractor Head large diameter (1600mm) and wide (600mm) tires with a central inflation/deflation system (CTIDS) controlled from the driver’s cabin, suitable to cross in the most difficult desert off-road conditions.
  • MICHELIN 525/65 R20,5 XS TL (Semi-Trailer and Trailer large diameter (1200mm) and wide (525mm) tires ensuring low specific ground pressure and the possibility to overcome rough and uneven obstacles.

The main features of Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant Tanks Transporter Combination are its outstanding mobility, reliability, and simplicity of operation. A high technical level is achieved by using MERCEDES-BENZ engine, ALLISON transmission with electronic control, ITAG double winch and other western components and accessories.

The engine and transmission cooling systems of the Tractor Head are combined. Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant Truck Tractor has 2 front steerable axles and a 9-seater cabin equipped with WEBASTO A/C system.

Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant Tanks Transporter Combination may be equipped with an automatic central tires inflation/ deflation system (CTIDS) operated from the driver’s cab while in motion, with a 3- position switch for Road, Track, and Sand.

Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant On-road/Off-road main Semi-Trailer (70-ton payload capacity) is fully autonomous, thanks to the auxiliary power unit which is also operating from the driver’s cabin and which activates its CTIDS and its hydraulic system. The main Semi-Trailer is equipped with a suspension that allows an easy replacement of the inner tires.

Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant On-road Trailer (60 ton payload capacity)

High cross-country capability parameters of Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant vehicles are achieved by using the following traditional Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant special design which is being continuously improved to comply with the regional requirements:

  • Powerful frame with longer on and Z-shaped side-members connected by tubular cross-beams with reinforced brackets. Significant flexural strength of the frame helps the chassis to adjust to road irregularities.
  • Front independent two-lever torsion suspension, with cross-arms and rear independent two-lever spring-center point suspension together with the frame, provide an optimal traction force application by each tire despite the road irregularities.
  • The Tractor Head tires are equipped with HUTCHINSON Beadlocks.
Torque to the wheels is transmitted by :
  • A Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant transfer box made of two-speed tree-shaft reducer with blocking differential gear and a power take-off mechanism for additional equipment drive
  • Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant driving axles within central reduction gears with inter-wheel differentials on every axle and inter-axial, differentials with forced blocking, semi-axial gimbal drive, planetary drive.

The high maneuverability of Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant Tanks Transporter Combination is provided by a heavy-duty hydraulic steering control of the Tractor Head two front axles.

The brakes system of Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant Tanks Transporter Combination fully complies with International standards.

The Tractor Head is equipped with ITAG double winch with a 250kN pulling force on each drum for the loading and unloading of the LECLERC or BMP-3 Tanks from and to the Main Semi-Trailer.

The main Semi-Trailer high payload capacity is due to the powerful frame structure manufactured from low-alloy steel and which consists of box spars connected with each other by cross-arms.

Technical Specifications of MINSK – TYPE MZKT – 74135

Technical Specifications of MINSK – TYPE MZKT – 99942

Technical Specifications of MINSK – TYPE MZKT – 83721