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Field Recovery Vehicle

It was developed and designed to fully comply with the UAE GHQ Armed Forces and any Regional requirements for heavy-duty towing operation, salvage works, load lifting and all types of crane works, especially suitable to lift out a power-pack dimensioned at approx. L x W x H = 2 x 1,5 x 1,5 m and weighing 9 – 10 tons at 4m distance. Therefore, it is capable to recover the heaviest wheeled (48 tons) such as the G-6 self-propelled Howitzer and tracked (28 tons) vehicles such as the M-109 self-propelled Howitzer as well on the paved ground and in loose sand in the most difficult desert environments. It can withstand the worst ambient weather conditions of 55 Degree C and 100% relative humidity and offers 85 km/h maximum speed.

It is equipped with the following components and recovery equipment super-structure:
  • DEUTZ BF 8M 1015C 544 HP engine
  • ALLISON HD4560P automatic transmission
  • Michelin 23.5 R25 large diameter (1600 mm) and wide (600 mm) tires with central tire inflation/deflation system (CTIDS) controlled from the driver’s cabin, and equipped with Hutchinson bead locks.
  • EMPL Fahrzeugwerk Gesellschaft mbH – Austria special design recovery equipment for the G-6 155mm self-propelled Howitzer gun wheeled vehicle (48 tons), M-109 155 mm self-propelled Howitzer gun tracked vehicle (28 tons) and other military vehicles.
  • 7-9 seater Air-Conditioned Double Cabin
Its main features are high traction, mobility, reliability, and simplicity of operation. Thanks to its UNIQUE DESIGN.

Technical specifications of MINSK wheel Tractor Plant of Truck Chassis: MZKT – 790986